Complaint Form

"Complaint" – shall mean an expression of dissatisfaction by a Client regarding the provision of investment and/or ancillary services provided to him/her by Met Tech Global Ltd.By completing this Complaint Form you are submitting a formal complaint to Met Tech Global Ltd in relation to your trading account.Only a duly completed complaint form accompanied by adequate supporting evidence(as necessary) submitted through this online form or to will be recorded as a formal complaint.

1. Personal Information of Complainant


2. Contact Details of Complainant


3. Complaint Details


4. Consents and Acknowledgments

  • I hereby acknowledge and agree that
    • My Complaint cannot be considered unless the submitted Complaint Form is duly completed with all the required information and it is accompanied by adequate supporting evidence (as necessary) for my claims.
    • Met Tech Global Ltd. will issue a holding response in writing within five (5) days from the day of receipt of my Complaint, indicating that my Complaint is acknowledged and that my Complaint is being investigated.
    • Met Tech Global Ltd. will provide you with a regular written update on the progress of the investigation of my complaint at intervals of not greater than 20 business days.
    • A Final Response and supporting reasoning will be provided to me as soon as practicable or within 40 business days of having received the complaint. If Met Tech Global Ltd. is unable to resolve my Complaint within 40 business days, Met Tech Global Ltd. will inform me of the anticipated timeframe within which Met Tech Global Ltd. hope to resolve the complaint.
    • My Complaint will be deemed as resolved or settled on receipt of the Final Response in writing from the Company. There will be no further communication as my Complaint will be considered closed.
    • Met Tech Global Ltd. shall process and deal with my Complaint based on the facts and circumstances related to its occurrence.
  • I confirm that all information disclosed above is complete, true, and accurate and I agree to promptly notify the Company of any changes in this information or if the said information ceases to be true and accurate.
  • I give my consent and authorize Met Tech Global Ltd., to store and process personal information solely for the purpose of investigation of the Complaint I submit with this form.
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